You have to be cunning to be the King of Thieves hack tool

I'm sure that all people have played Cut the Rope sooner or later in our lives, particularly since there are so many iterations of the game on the App Store. When Cut the Rope first came out, I remember spending hours on the game mainly because of the challenging physics-based puzzles, and who can resist the adorable Om Nom? From that moment on, I understood therefore I was excited once I saw the preview for this to look at King of Thieves as they released other premium quality games like Pudding Monsters ZeptoLab was a quality developer. Obviously, I am not disappointed.

The visuals in King of Thieves follows the charming and cute style of their previous games, so it's distinctive if you are already a devotee and welcoming. Your character, who expects to be the King of Thieves, is a small black blob that creeps about effortlessly and can leap off of walls with ease. The stages all characteristic cleverly planned layouts, as well as the game world is filled with a lot of fine details, and vivid, vibrant. Animations are smooth, and the soundtrack is upbeat and quirky.

You'll be asked to get into your age and give your character a name, when you initially launch King of King of Thieves hack Thieves. Once that is done, you will sadly need to go through a non-optional tutorial that will describe the basics all such as the multiplayer component of the game, to you personally. I dislike tutorials in almost any game, so this was quite annoying, but it had been rather quick. But be careful -- your dungeon could be broken into at the same time! You'll be able to form guilds to stand against hostile forces, if you have friends who play the game. Regardless of the mode you are playing, get back out, grab the treasures, and the goal would be to slink in.

The controls in the game are instinctive and simple. Your character moves automatically, but will come to a stop once it hits a wall. You can simply jump off of the wall, to change direction, by bouncing off between walls, or you are able to jump a chamber up. To leap, all you need to do is tap on the display -- fairly simple things, right? Of course, to make things difficult, there are obstructions that you'll need to prevent, such as other snares as well as spinning saw blades. Make your method to the exit to complete the period, when you grab all the treasure and loot. You lose some health in case you get hit with a trap, and also the more times you die, the less stars you'll earn, so be careful.

You are in need of a base of operations, right, as you're a thief in this game? Fortunately, you get a dungeon to phone home in the start of the match, plus it even includes a gold generator along with a totem that can strengthen your jewels and boost the locks of your dungeon. As you progress in the sport, you'll unlock more snares which you can put around your dungeon which makes it harder for your own items to be stolen by other players. When these items are offered to you, simply drag them into place all around your dungeon. You can utilize the gold coins to upgrade your stone, locks, and also craft ensembles for your character afterwards.

My only qualm with the game lies in the fact it is freemium, so there are a lot of timers involved in regards to upgrading. Plus, each time you break you also lose a key each time you choose wrongly, and in to a phase, you need to find the locks before it is possible to enter. While I understand that this concept makes sense given that you're breaking in, I believe the game should give you not when you level up, and more keys through the game. Plus, it always appears that the right lock is the one I pick but I digress.

I'm enjoying it so far, although I'm still in the early phases of the game. It's a formula that strays from the common fare of ZeptoLab, but they did it in a sense that works nicely and is enjoyable and challenging in the same time. The graphics are magnificent, the music is delightful, and the controls are natural for touch screens. I simply wish this game didn't fall on the route of freemium, but so far it hasn't been obnoxious with in-app purchases for me.

I suggest giving King of Thieves a try this weekend in the event you appreciate platformer games using user created content and a touch of multiplayer PvP components.

You Should Play: Rob your friends and protect your stash in King of Thieves

These days, keeping up with games are sometimes a fulltime occupation. So just how can you divide the signal in the sound, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Enable us to help by regularly choosing a game You Need To Play.

Robin Hood was about robbing the rich to give to the poor--a noble cause, obviously. King of Thieves is about rising to the top, which makes Robin Hood look like some middling prince (with apologies to Robin Hood, of course).

Need a platformer that is going to keep you coming back over and over?


Pick any dungeon, a dungeon.

There's no honor among thieves... and friends: Not only is it possible to steal from the game's built in single-player dungeons, you can also rob your fellow players, who have designed snares in their very own.

The two primary currencies of the game are gold and gems, and you'll need to catch both. Stone enable you to begin rituals at your vaguely Aztec- and these rituals have to upgrade the snares you'll use to fend off other thieves. You can go into better, more elaborate dungeons which are harder to steal from, as you perform more these rites. Gold purchases upgrades along with other swag to you --like shields--to help to keep your own personal stash safe. You join guilds to team up and get better loot and can view your improvement in relation to other burglars.

Though it disturbs some users, I enjoy knowing that my loot is dangerous: It increases the challenge. Creating traps to safeguard your loot is exceedingly enjoyable, but to be able to utilize that trick against intruders, you need to navigate your own personal trick twice in a row-- ensuring that the puzzle is difficult, although not impossible. Regardless of how great you are at dungeon strategy--and no matter how many upgrades you buy--thieving is simply part of the sport. That's what causes it to be utter mayhem on the leaderboards: Everyone is consistently grabbing each other's loot.


Besides entering and breaking, you'll also be building snares to safeguard your own personal gold.

King of Thieves does a good job of getting you used before ratcheting up the difficulty. However, the game leaps from homing minions which are out to ruin your day, in roving creatures, adding, spinning blades, and easy to maddeningly challenging quickly. (For this kind of kid-friendly game, I believe I Have said more mature words while playing it than I'm willing to admit.) Still, this is by no means a match you are able to get to just blow through.

Player-assembled dungeons and snares keep the game from getting stale: Getting loot starts out being a rather straightforward matter--merely guide your twee small robber (who reminds me of the Ninji from Super Mario Bros 2) to a treasure chest. But your thief can only just move in one direction, and turning around requires him to leap off of walls. That makes navigating a succession of platforms an actual challenge.

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